YILDIZ LED has been founded in 1983 and so our company has been growing sharply as a real enterprenership firm. Our firm had been completed research and development studies in 2007 according to lighting sector requirements in Turkey & in the world and it started to manufacture led lighting systems. Presently, YILDIZ LED are mainly manufacturing led luminaries with 6 different type ( street lights, projectors, parking & garden lighting,caponies, spots, recessed lighting types .,etc. different deminsions. YILDIZ LEDis one of the biggest manufacturers of Led Luminiraies in Turkey, and it is legally one of the biggest supplier to Turkish Government since 2007. Our equipments were selected to be the latest technology available and supplied by the world renowned equipment manufacturers. We have trading our technical lighting systems mainlly to Europe, Middle East, Asia and overseas. Our firm’s vision and mission are energy productivity and it has been going on main goal by using not only clean & renewable energy, but also the lossless & economic manufacturing provided by the advanced technology without compromising the quality. YILDIZ LED operates in 3500 m2 closed & 2000 m2 open area with modern production facilities in Kahramankazan district-Ankara-Turkey and storage facilities in Ivedik OSB-Ankara,Turkey. Our company continues to produce solutions for led lighting world with the RESERACH & DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING & IMPROVING,production, quality assurance, project-design, marketing-sales and other related departments units. YILDIZ LED’s lighting armatures are passed through many different topics including ; photometric measurements, mechanical durability, physical impact, wet & humid environment, temperature control, function test, grounding continuity, electrical resistance and leakage current. YILDIZ LED has documents such as “ENEC, CE, TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001" and OHSAS 18001”. These documents are evidence of compliance of our products to European standards. YILDIZ LED believes that making an investment for led technology is an investment for a better future and so we continue with sure steps towards lighting tomorrows. You can visit our website to get more information, details, references about our company and products.

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